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  • Addition cure silicone rubber,Addition silicone,Food grade silicone could be mainly used for making sculpture, concrete stones molds, baluster molds,precision molds, chocolate molds, cake molds, PU molds, jewellery molds, artificial stone,for life casting, fabric finishing, shoe insoles making,seal for electronic components and solar circuit board, trademark decoration. etc. It is food grade.

  • Addition cure silicone rubber is mainly used for metallic arts & crafts, baby nipples, cake, candy food grade products mold making and so on. It is nontoxic and with very low shrinkage.

  • Silicone rubber for rapid prototyping is a kind of two components addition cure type silicone with the characteristics of good elasticity, high and low temperature resistance, good resistance to ultraviolet radiation, environmental protection, waterproofing, good air permeability, good insulation, small line indentation, etc. Not only can it cure at room temperature, but also its curing time can be accelerated by higher temperature.

  • Usage: Trademark of jeans, shoes,and toys.
    Product No.: HY-966
    Product Usage: Trademark of jeans, shoes,and toys.

  • Product Name: Addition Cure Molding Silicone Rubber(Translucent Addition Silicone Rubber)
    Product No.: HY-E series
    Product Usage: Tire mold, concrete stones, PU mold, resin molds, gypsum, insoles, candle and FDA food product mold.